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A Sniper in Counterstrike; someone who stays in the back of the group to pick off oncoming enemies to clear out either Hostage Areas, Hallways, Open Fields, or just to Rack up kills.
We need a Baller.
by Dr PoLiSh April 15, 2004
10 35
a straight up gangsta sporting large platnum chains, rings, and the whole sha-bang-bang. This man is usually on top of the drug game or some otha illigitamit bussiness because Bill Gates sure as hell aint no Baller...
-Also one who is tallented in B-ball. I personally think calling a B ball player a baller is a waste of a good term.
pimpin aint easy, but ballin is...
by Boogy BEE April 12, 2004
37 63
a blood term for rich guy with lots of shit

the same as the crip term "high roller"
wanna be a baller, shot-caller, 20 inch blades on the impala.
by Ruffrider February 11, 2004
16 41
someone who is always big pimpin
tabatha thinks she is a baller
by your neighbor September 24, 2003
15 40
Someone who shows off their wealth.
Yo, check out Al's new Porsche! He's a baller!
by Lowrider_gurl June 10, 2003
8 33
First was Used to describe a drug dealer who dealed 8 balls of crack
Yo check out dat baller, he got more crack then harlem
by Influenced StyleZ January 31, 2003
36 61
one who is of amazing skill playing basketball
baller= baller ben
damn that baller ben kid just totally broke that one kid's ankles. damn
id hit that
by TOB fo eva March 01, 2005
9 35