BAKA is a slur word in Japan witch means stupid,dumb or cow?
Ug what do you want baka
via giphy
by Bethisahip September 10, 2016
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Hey look it's a baka over there!!
by emong January 13, 2017
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A Japanese slang term, meaning the word of "Idiot" in English.

In Kanji; 馬鹿
In Romanji; Baka
"Brianna is such a fucking Baka-shit-head. At lunch she asked Angela if she can borrow a dollar. Angela said, "No. I don't have any money." Guess what this bitch said :"You broke as fuck." Dumbass hoes wouldn't be asking for money their-fucking-selves if they weren't BROKE themselves. Tch. Assholes these days..."
by かなり奇妙な親 May 05, 2016
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Tylko wrócę do domu po bakę i idziemy na osiedle. (I'll just get back home to get some baka and we'll head to the projects.
by makskr July 29, 2015
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idiot, moron, fool, dumbass, any word like these will fit.
You baka! You crashed my comp!
by Naes April 16, 2003
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It means 'idiot' in Japanese. Refer to ⑨.
Weeaboos love to use the word 'baka' in their sentences, which consist of mangled Japanese.
by Gareki September 21, 2014
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Japanese for "Idiot"

Many people are learning Japanese from Anime, and they say baka so much in anime people are catching up on it and saying it to.
It's an easy way to insult someone and not get caught
Michele says "You’re such a Baka!" to her classmate.
The teacher doesn’t know Japanese so she/he doesn’t catch her.
by Michele B March 22, 2008
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