Said by Excalibur from the anime and manga soul eater alot it means fool, or idiot
"Baka what right do u have to pick a number"

by Excalibur is kool August 12, 2011
The most used word by non-Japanese anime and manga fans, followed closely by kawaii and (insert name/object here)-chan.

Baka means a stupid person, or an idiot.
Weeaboo: LOLOLOL! Baka neko-chan!

Me: WTF? At least use it right!
by TheInsomniac May 10, 2011
commonly said to be the Japanese word or idiot but can also be used as the nickname for a male with the given name of Dylan.
"Look, it's Baka (Dylan)"
by MzMario28 January 19, 2010
It means 'idiot' in Japanese. Refer to .
Weeaboos love to use the word 'baka' in their sentences, which consist of mangled Japanese.
by Gareki September 21, 2014
to be stupid(idiot-retard)
You baka !(you stupid!)
by Hinata-Chan July 20, 2008
What stupid fan-tards use to say "idiot."
Lil: Konichiwa, Hal-chan! Let's go get some ichigos and maybe some momos with that kawaii baka over there!
Hal: Okay, desu~! ^-^ NYA!
Lacy: Oooookay... ._.
by Baka-face July 10, 2008
Baka is a Japanese word for stupid, idiot, moron

Because this word is in a lot of amine and mangas it is consistently being used by many Fan girls and Fan boys

Used in the otakuese language
T. I thought you were a boy cuz of the short hair
M. You BAKA I AM A GIRL!!!!!

T.But you really look like a boy...

by Miaco-Chan May 04, 2009

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