What stupid fan-tards use to say "idiot."
Lil: Konichiwa, Hal-chan! Let's go get some ichigos and maybe some momos with that kawaii baka over there!
Hal: Okay, desu~! ^-^ NYA!
Lacy: Oooookay... ._.
by Baka-face July 10, 2008
Baka is a Japanese word for stupid, idiot, moron

Because this word is in a lot of amine and mangas it is consistently being used by many Fan girls and Fan boys

Used in the otakuese language
T. I thought you were a boy cuz of the short hair
M. You BAKA I AM A GIRL!!!!!

T.But you really look like a boy...

by Miaco-Chan May 04, 2009
Japanese for "Idiot"

Many people are learning Japanese from Anime, and they say baka so much in anime people are catching up on it and saying it to.
It's an easy way to insult someone and not get caught
Michele says "You’re such a Baka!" to her classmate.
The teacher doesn’t know Japanese so she/he doesn’t catch her.
by Michele B March 22, 2008
To bail on an event, no matter what the occasion.
Man, don't be a Bakas! Come out tonight!
by whatrudoing July 09, 2012
the sound of someone getting gunned down.
"and if she's persistent... baka! baka! baka!" -Notorious BIG, "Gimme The Loot"
by the_engineer September 24, 2006
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