Used in playing Super Smash Brothers Melee; sort of like revenge, but better. Example: Zelda kills Roy with a lucky but annoying shitty item such as a Mr. Saturn, then Roy comes back and Makes Zelda's life a living hell. Zelda is then bained. Roy bained Zelda.
George: Sorry dude, I can't stop, I'm stuck in kick your ass mode
by George Hoefer March 17, 2005
Top Definition
To get retarded drunk, sexually assault someone, vomit and roll in it repeatedly like a retard.

You are also likely a pervert and rapist.
Dude you got bained last night. You were all over that chick and she was not impressed... and is that vomit on your pants?
by HenryTheRanger August 08, 2012
An embarassment, to be made fun of, expression used after an unfortunate event.
'oh my god mate, fookin bained!'
by B_chin May 27, 2007
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