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Child, A Word Prodominantly Used In The Hull Region.
Our Baine Starts School Tomorrow
by James Stocker January 26, 2008
A term for a very nasty smell
'It smells like baines in your kitchen.'

Upon walking into a room with a bad smell in it -

'Ew baines'
by tgraham92 December 13, 2011
When you take the girls underwear put it on her head over her face.. than give her a facial.
Guy 1"Yo dude I gave my g/f a Baine last night."
Guy 2 "Ahhhh damn I tried to the other night but she wasn't wearing any underwear. maybe next time"
by Like WHOAAHH December 07, 2013
baine is more or less a concept.
baine is a friend that is a girl.
a baine possess the qualities that any good friend should have.
are you ready to go out for dinner?
by leanne, megan, leah August 25, 2006
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