(1) A loaf of bread that's awesome. Often classified under the categories of french pastries, or baked goods.

(2) A super HxC prommie from the game Mabinogi.

Shannon: Damn, I'm hungry.
Kurukuru: Eat a baguette, faggit. <3

Noob #1: omgwtfbbq! it's the prommie baguette!!!!!

Baguette: Omgwtfbbq, hi random noob. :>
by SH4NN0N March 08, 2009
Top Definition
Female pleasure tool
Stacy: So Jean, is Scotty going to bang you tonight?
Jean: No, I get to use the old baguette
by Marshbag March 27, 2007
A type of delicious bread.
Also used for another word for "Fagget, fag, or Douche"
Man that kid is such a Baguette!
by Mpereida March 29, 2009
1.A loaf of french bread.

2.An elite prommie player on Mabinogi,server or Mari.
Delta:Omg Pandiie!111
Kurukuru: gtfo pedo
Baguette: c: <3
by KurukuruV2 July 03, 2009
chicks who date douche bags
Whoa. Chaz just found himself a new baguette. Chaz, my friend with a Moroccan goddess tan and roid rage that only rivals his infinity for shiny hair, got himself one of hundreds of baguettes.
by Rian Rami April 08, 2010
The name for the protruding chunky roll of skirt created by women who roll the top of their skirt up, to get the effect of wearing a shorter skirt or just to raise a skirt that is too low.
Person 1: She's got a baguette.
Person 2: Baguette?
Person 1: That chunky circle around her waist.
by Piece of cheese January 30, 2010
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