1. To have sex with some one
Yo I just bagged that shit
#sex #fucked #bagged #baged #fuck
by Tom Vod free March 04, 2007
Top Definition
A term used on the street to mean arrested.
'etta wear ski mask and gloves, I ain't trying to get bagged tonight.'
by spadez August 22, 2005
To have sex with someone.
I bagged a bitch this mornin'.
#sex #intercourse #fuck #fucking #banging
by Paris Bear November 17, 2007
The addition of airbags to a car in order to allow it to rise and fall. Popular with lowriders. Requires a tank and a pump, usually added in the trunk.
"I just bagged this phat '63"
by Parrot May 13, 2005
1. To get caught for doing something
2. when a guy tries to tlk to a girl for numerous reasons to either go out or chill
1. Yo ya'll so dumb how ya'll get bagged cuttin'
2. Alex: how it go wit baggin shorty?
Johnathan: it went gud the shorty i bagged might be wifey
#wifey #shorty #chill #goin' out #bag
by britani February 07, 2006
A slang for tired or exhausted
"i'm bagged" or "i'm so bagged"
#tired #exhausted #sleepy #dead #sluggish
by Jason Johnson Fernandez March 04, 2008
To remove the contents of another's bag, proceed to turn it inside out, replace the contents, and zip it back up again, preferably without the victim knowing.
Created at Herne Bay High, similar to being coated
Rex: aahhhh i bagged rory yesterday.
Sam: was it lolworthy
Rex: how could it not be?
Sam: did he over-react?
Rory: FUCKERS!!!
#coated #bagged #lolworthy #herne bay #herne bay high #rex #rory #sam
by sax February 06, 2008
Bagging, or being bagged, also known as being pantsed is pulling someone's pants down, while they are unaware of it.
i got bagged in gym class today
#pantsed #bagging #bag #pulling pants down #bagged
by chelskeet September 20, 2007
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