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A term used on the street to mean arrested.
'etta wear ski mask and gloves, I ain't trying to get bagged tonight.'
by spadez August 22, 2005
The term used to define the state of mind of a girl who like 'tha cock only or especially when under the influence of alcohol.
'She looks like she'd suck a good cock tonight... better get her incoxitated'
by spadez August 22, 2005
Also known as a vagina, pussy, snatch, or twat.
The Acronym stands for a girl that Cant Understand Normal Thinking
Guy: Bitch stop callin me?
Cunt: whyy!?! i dont understand!?! tell meee why!?!
Guy: Goddammit bitch why Cant you Understand Normal Thinking ... oh thats right cause your a CUNT!
by spadez October 07, 2005
1. A term used to define a girl who often engages in felatio.

2. Named after the similar motion of banging a hammer and ones testicles slapping against the Hammer Head's chin.
1. Yo that bitch will suck both our dicks tonight she's a mad hammer head.
by spadez August 22, 2005

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