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1. To get caught for doing something
2. when a guy tries to tlk to a girl for numerous reasons to either go out or chill
1. Yo ya'll so dumb how ya'll get bagged cuttin'
2. Alex: how it go wit baggin shorty?
Johnathan: it went gud the shorty i bagged might be wifey
by britani February 07, 2006
To have sex with someone.
I bagged a bitch this mornin'.
by Paris Bear November 17, 2007
A term used on the street to mean arrested.
'etta wear ski mask and gloves, I ain't trying to get bagged tonight.'
by spadez August 22, 2005
The addition of airbags to a car in order to allow it to rise and fall. Popular with lowriders. Requires a tank and a pump, usually added in the trunk.
"I just bagged this phat '63"
by Parrot May 13, 2005
A slang for tired or exhausted
"i'm bagged" or "i'm so bagged"
by Jason Johnson Fernandez March 04, 2008
Exactly the same thing as getting sacked, getting 'bagged' means to get kicked or just plain hit hard in the testicles, or, your 'bag'. Very common where I'm from.
Guy 1- Dude are you ok¿?¿
Guy 2- Oh God no, that chick just totally bagged me back there...
by Beauman666 June 23, 2005
A prison term: A method of inflicting pain, where one person sticks his middle finger in between your balls and pinches your sac together with his outer fingers.
Sometimes people get bagged to teach them a lesson.
by livewolf October 24, 2005