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Noun/adjective. In the top five of worst things imaginable. Picture a burlap sack of severed, bloody dicks. Yep, pretty much the worst thing ever.

I can be used in many contexts, describing smell, emotion, taste, sound, disgust, etc.
"I drank too much last night, and now this morning I feel like a giant bag of dicks."


"This dead prostitute smells like a bag of dicks."


"Cheryl's liver and onions were horrible. I would have rather ate a bag of dicks."
by Bryan745 October 21, 2005
Someone who is so much of a dick, he/she surpasses normal levels of dickery, transcending the title of a singular "dick" to achieve pluralized "bag of dicks" status.
My manager Greg is a bag of dicks.
by InfinityAblaze June 05, 2011
1. someone who is exhibiting behavior normally associated with douchebags / generally acting in a douchey manor
2. literally, a bad of dicks (obsolete)
Hey, was it me or was Roger a real bag of dicks at that meeting yesterday?
by Johnny Papp November 07, 2003
An expression used to describe how terrible a situation is.
this exam sucks worse than a bag of dicks.
by Buzz KILLER February 17, 2013
(bag-o-dix) A large bag or satchel that contains strictly the male reproductive organ; the penis. This term is usually used with insult in direct to another for them to put chunks of dicks from the bag in one's mouth for consumption.
they can eat a bag of dicks while riding their mom's bike!
by StinkmasterB October 08, 2010
(noun). An expression used when something sucks, or when something doesn't happen the way it was originally intended. This phrase was coined by an Ohioan, Rich, in the year 2000, who used this term to describe his job at Sam's Club.
Did you ask that hot girl out that works in shoes? Yea I did but she's engaged. Dude thats such a bag a dicks.
by Rich August 27, 2003
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