(n): Alias of Catherine Mcquail
1. whats up bag
2. shadap bag
3. i own u bag
by slick rick June 17, 2003
bæeɪg / bæɪg

1. testicles
2. a stupid, annoying, inconsequential, lying, inconsiderate or self-centered person

Related forms:
What the fuck, bag? Why did you eat all of the bulgogi that I cooked? That was my dinner!
by dis-Gruntled November 04, 2010
Pronunciation: \ˈbag also ˈbāg\
Function: adverb
Date: 2009

not so : no

Synonyms: no, nah, nay, negative

Derived from typing 'nah' with the right hand one key to the left of where it belongs on a keyboard.
-Hey, do you want to go to the movies later?

-Bag. I went to the movies last night.
by SuchASweez October 16, 2009
sick, ill, amazing
yo that chick from Vassar is bag, if only she didn't have hairy legs
by MarkLerret July 14, 2009
BAG Shorten For Brave And Good
Time are hard you bag it.
Win by bag it.
Hold it down and bag it.
Keep it real by bag it.
by MagicMan :No1 April 15, 2008
Another term for a condom. Used frequently by comedian Jim Norton in his stand up act and on the Opie and Anthony show.
I nailed this hot chick last night. She didn't even make me wear a bag.
by SimpleMindedTed April 05, 2008
(noun) A conspiracy or conspiratorial or criminal arrangement or relationship; a corrupt official or office
"There's a lot of bags in Baltimore"
by anarcissie April 04, 2008

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