big ole' booty that go bump bump bump
Hey Aiesha, yo badunka dunk look fyne in dem jeans gurrrrl
by larry the cable guy June 24, 2004
junk in the trunk .something you can sit you pimp cup on.
look at the ba dunk a dunk on that ho.
by adam enfinger March 02, 2005
Referring to or of a woman's exceptionally large behind (AKA booty, arse, butt, etc.)
Tyler: I want some of that Boomershine BA DUNK-A-DUNK!

Cody: That's disgusting.

Jake: What's a ba dunk-a-dunk?
by lehctiM March 07, 2005
Something you saddle up and ride. Junk in the trunk if you will. Its a big, sexy ass.
That chick has a huge badunkadunk!

Yo, see that girls got a badunkadunk like whoa!
by jazmine, what else July 28, 2005
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