a big ol booty
Sean(everyone's favorite ghostbuster)'s ASS
by Ariel April 28, 2004
a ghetto booty
J.Lo has a badunkadunk.
by Anna April 10, 2003
a perfectly round and juicy derriere that jiggles like a cup o' jello puddin' around Bill Cosby!
I like a badunkadunk that jiggles/ to the slightest beat it starts to wiggle/ i like it when u make it clap right down the middle/ im in love with Vida guerras badunkadunk a lot not juast a little/
by Sinista February 24, 2005
When a heavy ass women decides to sit in your damn lap by surprise.
Heavy ass woman with sed "Badunka Dunk" sits down.

Reciever gasps for air.
by aBarkingDawg January 16, 2012
It is a word used to describe bootilicious Arab's. This can apply to either men or women.
Daaayyyummm that Arab chick is so badunka dunk.
by licious April 03, 2012
A woman's excess butocks, also referred to as "junk in da trunk."
"What's happening brother? Not much man. Damn dog check out homegirl's badunkadunk!!
by Travis Z. September 14, 2006
big ol' hiney, booty
Yo biotch, move yo big ol' badunka dunk out my way now.
by Lil' C-ma March 01, 2005

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