word used to mean a big ole booty
Dang shorty got a badunka dunk
by jasmine January 17, 2004
ba·dun·kah·dunk ( P ) Pronunciation Key
Informal. 1) A buttocks of abnormal size larger than average. 2) Pertaining to, or relation of abnormally sized buttocks.
by Ali Jawaid September 01, 2003
Really nice booty that you can't stop thinkin' about.
She got a badunkadunk.
by Yee! January 21, 2007
ass so wide you can see it from the front
your mom's fat jelly ass
by Will April 13, 2005
When a girls ass its so big when she walks in hall ways it hits the side of the walls, makinga a ba dunk-a-dunk noise. also when slapped it jiggles anywhere from 5 seconds to 4 hours
1. damn kim your ba dunk-a-dunk butt is denting the walls in the hall
by dpizzle February 20, 2005
a female who gots a big ass
Damn ma dont hurt ne on wit dat badunka dunk u got
by Vanessa March 21, 2004
n.(buh-duhnk'-uh-duhnk) eng.2003
1. a large human posterior 2. an attractive formation of gluteus maximus muscle and fat tissue.
They look cute together but wait till you see them leaving with their hot budunkadunks and all that junk in the trunk.
by rvltn August 05, 2005

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