a perfectly round and juicy derriere that jiggles like a cup o' jello puddin' around Bill Cosby!
I like a badunkadunk that jiggles/ to the slightest beat it starts to wiggle/ i like it when u make it clap right down the middle/ im in love with Vida guerras badunkadunk a lot not juast a little/
by Sinista February 24, 2005
when a girl has a big ass and your mouth waters when you seeit and u just want to go up and tap it
Mikey- damn girl look at your badunkadunk. you could build a bridge over that cracka.

shananae-oooo for 5 bucks ill let u tap my badunkadunk
by onebigcracka May 06, 2005
a big, bouncy, curvy, female ass that u can see from the front
"badunkadunk, all in ur face when u at the club"
by Trinity November 17, 2004
A skilled warrior tribe in the Middle of Cambodia, made up of canibals, black men, and stop and shop employees. known to sing such songs as smoke on the water, purple haze and show up at pearl jam concerts in either buffalo New York or Worcester Massachusetts with signs that say need tickets to pearl jam, they worship Karl Cassel, and love the episode ofWho's the Boss? where Tony sees Angela naked in the shower, they usually smell like double dutch butt crack and smoke weed while collecting recyclable objects at school lunches, sometimes short fat chodes that try to be athletic but usually skinny
Alex: nicknack paddy wack give a dog a bone you damn Badunkadunk

Nick Sherm: 149 Wachu Street Booty
by StanNats44 June 05, 2009
A gloutious maximus commonly found on a black woman, sometimes found on a white woman, but never ever found on an asian woman.
Janet Jackson got a nice badunka dunk!
by Memphisguy39 February 27, 2008
The sound a portable basketball hoop makes when someone makes a big dunk on it
Erick: Damn man you see that dunk

Danny: Yeah, it was so big the hoop went Badunkadunk
by JJBALLA34 July 15, 2009
chicks ass, most of the time it's a black chicks, other times it can be a guys ass too
Shaniqua has a huge ba-dunka-dunk!!!
Brandon has a very muscular ba-dunka-dunk!!!
by blah blah blah...i want you March 29, 2006
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