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The white people love him, a vanilla coke black yet white at the same time.
Oh SHIT! its Wayne Brady
by onge May 15, 2004
It's what you do.
ejaculate, sex, smoke, drink, steal, run, beat j00r meat
by onge May 15, 2004
im onge NIGGUH!!!
wtf is an onge
by onge May 15, 2004
mega bytes
MB doesnt mean anything else fuktards
by onge May 15, 2004
when you yell out "THUMB OF DISCOMFORT" and swiftly lodge your thumb deep within another persons asshole and you suprise the hell out of them. If you miss and hit the cheek the person might thing your gay and not ghey
me: *sneaks up on someone* THUMB OF DISCOMFORT!
someone: huh??
me: *SHOVES*
someon: OMFG!
by onge October 31, 2004
its where you put your junk in the trunk
MMM look at her badunkadunk
by onge May 15, 2004
The only liquid substance black people drink
Black person: Ima trade my well-fare check for some koolaid
by Onge December 11, 2005

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