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a revoultionary group that was for the upliftment of blacks. urged the separation of blacks from the white capitalist america and the creation of a separate black state. also ran social programs to enrich thier communitites and were armed to protect those same communtities. in two wordsAT
the free lunch program at santa fe elementary school
by tnutty July 19, 2004
from when you see an ass so big it hang over and then cuffs under also known as "the cuff"
jlo got the cuff or damn look she got the cuff
by tnutty July 19, 2004
a dirty ho that has stds
that bicth is a saltshaker because she gave me an std and now it feels like i got salt on my dick
by tnutty July 19, 2004
to have relations in any public place.
such as making out in elevator or movie theater.
by tnutty July 19, 2004

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