Infinitely cool, über awesome, hardcore to the extreme.

Say what you will about Bruce Lee or Chuck Noris, Tsutomu Yamaguchi is, hands down, the most badass example of a badass ever to walk the earth: Tsutomu Yamaguchi was the only known survivor of BOTH atomic blasts. He died at age 93 on January 6, 2010.

There is NOTHING more badass than that.
"That Tsutomu Yamaguchi was one badass mofo: he lived through TWO atomic explosions! He eats atomic bombs for breakfast!"
by Platy007 January 06, 2010
First things first. There are very few known badasses out there.

1. First of all a badass will not seek attention. Attention is something he could give a fuck less about.

2. A badass doesn't speak out his ass. They are honest, and truly care about others that deserved to be cared for.

3. They are typically quiet and really don't have much to say. They are usually intelligent in some way or another.

4. A true badass must be able to protect his family and closest friends no matter the consequences. Though a true badass likely doesn't have many friends because he doesn't depend on them.

5. A badass is loyal.

6. A badass gives respect only to the people who deserve it, no matter who the fuck they are or how old they are.
badass : Sitting at the bar minding his own business having a beer.

cool guy: Walks up the the bar and says, "Who's this faggot?"

badass: Headbutts the cool guy in the chin or nose, whichever.

badass: Puts cash on bar counter with a fat tip and walks out.
by okc_rocker July 18, 2012
Awesome to an extreme level, thereby leveraging unquestionable authority.
Sam Elliott's mustache = badass

by Matt Tomich November 08, 2006
adj. 1. A general term used to describe behavior that is fearless, authentic, compassionate, and ethical. 2. Well above the social standard for "normal" behavior. 3. The opposite of dumb ass behavior.
Justin Timberlake made the bad ass move to escort a fan to the Marine Corps Ball.
by Aspiring Bad Ass November 20, 2011
A badass knows what the fuck is up.
Steve McQueen is a badass.
by Mrs. badass April 22, 2011
Badass is defined in one word: Caravaggio.
Son of a bitch was the most bitchin' painter around 1600, and he brawled his way around Italy. He was so badass, the Pope fucking pardoned him for killing some dude in a bar, just so he could come back to Rome (he had been on the run) and paint for some Renaissance-era mercenaries who happened to just love epic art. Damn, son. Damn.
Art student: Professor, who was the guy who painted multiple grotesque beheadings SO BEAUTIFULLY?

Art professor: You must be referring to Caravaggio. *does not try to hide gleam of admiration in eyes* Damn, he was a badass.
by Will Never Be As Badass February 06, 2010
Someone who is so cool it hurts others to even be in contact with their greatness.

Catherine Rose Dumas is so badass, it's unbelievable.
by gejki August 13, 2007

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