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To pull a Monaghan is the act of stealing another man's(or woman's) girl.
Fred totally pulled a Monaghan last night at the party. Christy was totally hammered.
by Michael Patrick Louw May 12, 2006
A triple-layered combustible cannabis cocktail consisting of equal parts Hash, Keef & Greenbud
Tony & Caitlin each smoked a couple of Monaghans, and were subsequently found naked, in the fountain, giggling ceaselessly.
by Zandar P. Quigley May 05, 2008
To forget about your mates and be a self-serving asshole. Dogging your mates, a dog act.

Made famous by Joel Monaghan of the Canberra Raiders.
Wow Greg Inglis totally pulled a Monaghan on the Broncos.
by Horse83 November 07, 2010
adj. The absolute highest degree of homosexuality, n. The absolute faggiest of anything. v. To act in a highly homosexual fashion. antonyms: heterosexual, not gay, not taking up the anus
Man that queer is so gay he's a monaghan
Did you see what he was wearing, it was so Monaghanish.
by Young GZA January 18, 2008
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