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something done really well (a cool word british people use alot)
That was a proper good ass kicking mate. Let's go to the pub and get a pint to celebrate.
by Allahu April 05, 2005
someone who is so cool that their very presence is radiating with awesomeness.
"Matt Watson is so badass, he should be a given a scholarship," remarked Abby.
by Allahu March 17, 2005
German word for penis.
"Keith Lundy has a really small schvontz." Olga said to her friend after he failed to make love to her.
by Allahu February 24, 2005
Someone who is so cool it hurts others to even be in contact with their greatness.
"matt watson is so badass, he should get a schloraship," remarked Abby.
by Allahu March 17, 2005

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