An Outdated term for Homosexuals
"Did you see that new boy across the street? you know he's a Back Packer"
by John Cleveland January 02, 2007
An underground hiphoop fan that believes in 'Real Hiphop' when in reality there is no such thing as that. They are hiphop elitists that think anything that sounds gangsta, sounds demeaning to women is NOT hiphop. They are ppl that will believe that everything in undeground hiphop is 'real music' when the fact is, most of it is the SAME shit, just like mainstream, they refuse to accept that hiphop is NOT segregated by underground and Mainstream, the truth is an artist is either GOOD or WACK no matter if he's major or indy...another thing thats annoying is that they do not realise, ppl can listen to wtf they want, Just because someone doesnt like the underground of music, doesnt make them a idoit that knows nothing about hiphop.....Its funny how someone can tell me im wack, cuz I listen to Three 6 Mafia, and that I dont listen to REAL music (and I listen to ALL hiphop, underground and Mainstream) when the truth is, these fucks JUST got into hiphop, and they think they are the shit because they listen to an artist thats only sold a 1000 albums, so what the fuck are they saying?
Backpacker: U dont know ANYTHING about hiphop, u listen to sell out music thats FAKE........
Me:WHy do u give a shit WHAT other ppl listen to? Just listen to what u want, and ignore what other ppl like, it will make ur life even better....DO YOU AND ILL DO ME.

by XNINEZ April 22, 2006
A person who is on holidays and you should drink alcohol with them and show them what your country has to offer! If you are available to do so of course!.
I always went after the sexy swedish backpacker, but somehow tended to end up with a fat german.
by jamesbrown April 22, 2003
People who really love Hip-Hop.
It dosen't matter if it's commerical or underground, what matters if it's dope or not.
by Omega Death November 20, 2003
A person who feels there is a difference between rap and hip-hop believing rap is defined as ghetto music for thugs who love b'tches, hoes, and excessive jewerly. At a hip-hop event one can be spotted by the REI or Jansport backpack worn with one too many support straps, khaki's, adidas or pumas, a hoodie, headphones and hat of some sort.
Everytime I go to a Common concert I see mostly backpackers.
by Lex May 08, 2004
A stupid term used to describe anyone who listens to hip hop (not just white suburban people as commonly referenced) that dislikes "commercial" hip-hop just because it is commercial and likes "underground" hip-hop just because it is underground. Basically, its kind of an inside-joke insult attempting to diss hip-hop fans that oppose music that is related to a capitalistic system, even if the music is actually good. This is not the original meaning of the term but rather the definition (or semi-"insult") it has turned into.
Backpacker is a stupid insult.
by dont want to say April 22, 2006
A snob who prides him/herself on being a fan of all the hip-hop you never heard of. Considers any artist not selling CD's out of a Backpack on the train a "sellout". Usually a college-aged suburban kid of any race (dreadlocks optional) who discovered his consciousness at school and dives blindly into underground hip-hop and hates all commercially sucessful styles of rap music, not realizing that the artists he worships are trying to sell records too. Peppers every conversation about rap with insults about your musical tastes, then bringing up some rapper you never heard of and saying they'lll be THE FUTURE OF HIP-HOP, THE SAVIOUR OF HIP HOP, until they sell too many records, therby deeming them "wack."

Kind of like a junior version of the "jazz purist.
Me: "Hey dog, you heard that new Jeezy?"

Backpacker: "Jeezy's corny! You need to listen to MC No Name, he's the future of hip-hop!"

Me: "Damn, you get on my fucking nerves!
by TThe Scribe April 09, 2007

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