8 definitions by tendo

1. complete an dutter chaos.

2. excessive noise and/or violence.

3. an exclamation for drum and bass noise.
bring teh rukus!!!!
by tendo April 20, 2004
intorweb means internet. i can't believe this wasnt in here!1
"omg just google it teh intorweb knows all"
by tendo April 20, 2004
druqks stands for drugs in puter slang
yo hookitups where my druqks?
by tendo March 16, 2005
the selextor is teh dj. a variation/hybrid of selector.
BOH! This selextor is on teh kitchen rinse omg!
by tendo April 20, 2004
boh! means YAY or OMG or wow0wowoo00wow. there is a significant correlation betwixt boh! and the drum and bass community
boh! my selextor!
by tendo April 20, 2004
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