A girl with a nice ass, a "back you wanna pack,"-if you will. You could careless about how her front looks but you are HIV positive that it's ugly as hell.
Damn G, look at that backpacker. I just wanna pack her from behind
by MrSwallows August 28, 2014
Person who dislikes Mainstream and Commercial rap a lot.
Person who raps about real life shit that matters and has experienced, rarely about pimping hoes/having millions/selling immense ammounts of drugs/murdering random people for no apparent reason or motive.

Person who is true to himself while rapping and uses his head and heart to write not only a pen and meaningless words.

Backpacker isnt some one who sits infront of the computer and waits for Aesop Rock's "Freeze" to finish loading on his screen while he's browsing the def jux website. that is a fan of backpacker rap

Definitive Jux, Rhyme Sayers, Living Legends, Atoms Family, Orphanage, etc. ppl like that
by tRiLL January 21, 2004
Commonly used as an insult against white middle class kids who listen to underground alternative hip hop, who like hip hop yet are secretly scared of all the violence and other things they don't understand so change the genre around to suit them. The weird thing about the insult is who really uses it? A black rapper living in the projects woudlnt use it or even care (its not his audience), so ive come to the conclusion its used only by white kids who dont want to be placed in the backpacker group, so group everyone else into it, ironically grouping themselves in too.

I feel the insult has now been stretched to the point that any white person listening to Hip Hop is called a backpacker unless they grew up in the projects and carry a magnum next to their dick, which is why ive grown to hate the term, as if i lived in an area where people used the term i would probably be branded it at some point, when i listen to music thats so violent the average black guy i play it doesnt even wanna hear it.
"Nah man your some backpacker, fuck your peaceful shit you whiteboys are killing hip hop"

"Man fuck you, listen to this." (I then play "Return Of Da Baby Killa" by Brotha Lynch Hung).

"Thats some messed up shit man, id rather listen to 50."
by FATAL 1993 January 16, 2010
Someone who can recognize when an artist has dived into capitalistic desires. The person acts accordingly, and listens to less greed-fueled music, essentially, music that is music. Those who critisize backpackers are most likely people who don't understand the industry, and believe that rappers like Eminem actually signify something besides a corporate-controlled "rebellion fix" for teenagers.
The stigma of being a backpacker must be removed. The people need to realize that MTV is not about music.
by ApplesTheBadd January 20, 2004
Airline passengers who, upon boarding, discover that there is no overhead storage available in close proximity to their assigned seat and who then place an item or items somewhere aft of their seat, necessitating a return against the boarding flow to regain their seats. After landing, they have to fight their way back during disembarkation to retrieve their belongings.
Despite repeated pleas to "Excuse me," furrowed brows and sighs of disgust met the back-packers as they made their way aft, displacing anxious passengers eager to deplane, to retrieve their luggage from the overhead compartments.
by Tad McDonald February 08, 2009
Backpackers hike remote wilderness areas spending atleast one or more nights there, and carry thier supplies and equipment in thier backpack to survive the hike. People who hike the Appalachian Trail (AT) are good examples of what a backpacker is.
The backpacker is planning a thru-hike on the Appalachian Trail which will last about 5 months.
by tn_backpacker May 15, 2007
a person who loves hip hop for all its elements and at shows proves it.
this backpacker thinks that commerical rap is lazy.
by carlos December 16, 2003

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