The emo kids of the hip hop culture
I listen to atmosphere, "f*ck you lucy", that's not emo, I don't know what is
by Jeff April 23, 2005
It used to mean someone who carried mixtapes in his backpack but now white suburban kids call themselves backpackers. And they're basically just people who keep whining about they want hip hop to go back to the way it was before because they dont fit into the whole "party scene" yet they are completely oblivious to the fact that hip hop was created from block parties. They also listen to a lot old skool hip hop like Public Enemy which is really weird since PE music was mostly about black rights and freedom.

Basically they are now just sad white suburban kids who dont fit into the hip hop culture want to fit in so bad that they try to re-arrange it to suit their own needs. They're just as bad as all the stupid gangsta 50 cent shit that is out right now. If you truly wanna be hip hop, then just BE. Stop tainting it with your stupid shit.
The term "backpacker" has been completely butchered.
by Darius01 February 07, 2006
backpacker someone who's into commercial Hip-Hop that is only played on the Radio and Music channels. Reason being you are always in the back of the pack. You're a follower in music. You can't pick music on your own. You're being program. It's only good to you because it's played on the radio 100 times a day.
Why do people think something is dope because it's played on the radio 100 times a day?Backpacker!!!
by NYGAT7 July 26, 2008
A girl who likes bare back anal sex.
My new girlfriend is a real backpacker, I don't want to loose this one.
by the tin man June 13, 2006
any member of the "underground" hiphop community who listens to aesop rock but worships sage francis, they all listen to the same artists essentially and they all thing that slug sold out for atmostphere's success. synonyms: hipster
omg yor such a backpacker stfu.
by tendo September 27, 2003
A wack ass white boy or white washed minority who listens to bullshit like Aesop Rock and wants to take the "black element" out of hip hop.
You can never take the streets away from hip hop dunny
by Azzzmuth July 24, 2005
A wack ass white boy who listened to bullshit like Aesop Rock and wants to take the "black element" out of hip hop.
"Man, backpackers are such faggots."
by Johnny Twoguns October 12, 2003

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