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When you are grinding with a girl, or doing any chest-to-back dance, and you get an erection that is therefore "scratching" her back. Depending on the severity of it and how intoxicated the girl is she may not feel it at all.
Ex. I popped 2 Viagra before coming to the club, girls get ready for the back scratcher.
by JayCeeDee March 05, 2015
A racial term for an illegal Mexican immigrant. It originated from the myth that Mexicans crawl under the U.S fence to get into America. In the proccess, their backs get scratched from the fence. (Also, see "wet backer")
The darn back scratcher came here just to pick strawberries?!
by Hoon Da Bar July 16, 2005
your girlfriend during rough sex.
"Carolina is a back scratcher"
"you must have been working her hard"
"hell yeah man, hell yeah"
by A2K February 20, 2003
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