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To jerk off, masterbate, relieve yourself sexually, jerk it till you cant work it, putting on some vaseline and greko-roman wrestling your penis
by A2K February 18, 2003
and adjective used to describe girls that are fuckable, eat outable, and/or hot.
"Damn she in cuntilicious, i wouldnt mind tappin that ass"
by A2K February 19, 2003
when a girl puts her mans cum in the refridge and saves it for a later snack
"who put the jizzely in my refridge?"
by A2K February 18, 2003
A form of dieting where the woman only drinks cum,which is a natural source of protien, for many weeks straight till achieving the weight desired.
"Banni lost 30 lbs on the jizziet"
by A2K February 18, 2003
A female that loves the cock, and wants to ride, suck, fuck and lick the dick
"see dat hoe she is peniswise"
by A2K February 18, 2003
To crack a nigga while talking in ebonics.
i crackizzled that niggizzle.
by A2K February 18, 2003
Just some d00d who sais ORA and YEAH! a lot...
Dude, that guy is such a Spunkwhy...
by A2k March 25, 2003
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