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an affectionate name given to a lover...usually a female.
I love her so much, she is my little baboo.
by rechster January 10, 2008
70 43
a lover named Jay Kim or Mina Chang
"Jay, you're a baboo!"
by Jay June 14, 2004
85 64
A really sweet boy who loves his girlfriend. The cutest boy in the world. A cutiebooo!
Tom is my baboo.
by tahm3838 November 22, 2011
36 24
a combination of baby and boo
oh that nigga is my baboo he is fine aint he
by misz.badd January 25, 2009
32 21
A male lover that you do not want anyone to know you are seeing. Usually one party is of the Amish culture.
Michael just told me he had a baboo! I am heartbroken because I thought he liked women!
by Big Delores October 03, 2007
16 53
Baboo is a love term or shortening of two things. The first is the normal every day thing baby and the second the american term or a loved one "boo". Thus baboo is made. It is a good nickname for people called Claire Glancy.
"I Dereck love that girl Claire as she is my baboo"
by Dereck March 13, 2005
35 91
Word used to insinuate that something is stupid.

Works best in the presence of a person from Indian decent as it acts as a slight insult.
Said either as:

"baboooooo" (drag the end ooooo out)


"thats baboo"

To add extra insult in front of an Indian person say the "thats babo" with an Indian accent.
by parts June 11, 2005
13 95