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Bitching and Complaining
Please stop all that B&C dude.
by ransems November 12, 2011
Abbreviation of Bourbon and Coke
"Can you get us a B&C while you're at the bar?"
by maxisrad August 16, 2007
BOOZE & COCK! When a group of girls goes out drinking/looking for action.
Betty: Let's go out drinking tonight and find some peen!
June: B&C Night Girls! Booze and Cock!!
by WontonGoddess September 28, 2010
Berger and Chips, F1 MB Legend

Strongly unchangeable,implacable, opinionated, intelligent guru of F1 BM'S
To do a B&C. (as to keep a straight line on a twisty road)
by Norm December 09, 2003
Acronym. Short For Beef and Cheddar. The flavor combination used in many foods. Commonly found in the Hot Pockets brand.
"Dude, lets get some Pepperoni Pizza Lean Pockets!"
"Are you serious? LEAN POCKETS!? No way, B&C dude... B&C"
by TR006 October 06, 2006

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