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A scale of measuring whether something is good or bad, 10 being the best while Fergie being the worst.

The Fergie being referred to is the former member of the Black Eyed Peas and now solo artist
"That movie was so bad. On a scale of Fergie-10 i definitely give it a fergie"
#fergie #ten #10 #bad #good
by maxisrad August 16, 2007
Abbreviation of Bourbon and Coke
"Can you get us a B&C while you're at the bar?"
#bourbon #coke #drink #bar #alcohol
by maxisrad August 16, 2007
1.The gayest friend in a certain group of friends.
2.Used to describe a stranger that looks of the Homosexual orientation
1."Blake? More like El Gayo"
2."Hey check out El Gayo over there"
#gay #el #friend #group #there
by maxisrad August 16, 2007
Something that requires the use of skills, usually of a physical persuasion with some element of danger involved.

Also used to describe sexual intercourse or getting drunk.

"Hey man, do you want to go get rad on some steep hills?"
"Yeh, me and her got rad last night"
"Man, lets get rad tonight at the club"
#rad #man #want #club #tonight
by maxisrad August 16, 2007
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