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ayuko is a noob
"omg you cheating faggot loser wtf how'd you know i was there bullshit wallhacker!"
by s`e March 14, 2004
12 4
smarmy little korean who plays half-life: counterstrike at netcafes all day and night. he subsists almost entirely on a diet of shrimp crackers and other shit with way too much salt or way too much sugar. he wears big, wrap around mirrored sunglasses and may drive a souped up honda civic or something similar. there is no female variety.
the unmistakable whiff of dead fish wafted up from the fetid bodies of the ayukos in the netcafe
by Chris Cliche July 16, 2004
8 6
i wouldn't have a clue
by kinkii August 10, 2004
4 5
gooky cs player
hai, KEKEKE I AM AYUKO ^____^
by JAMES! March 13, 2004
3 4
"he ownz me in every game :P"
KoreaN Pride :D
by blake March 14, 2004
2 4
One of the Elite Pimper.
Also known as Pimp Master.
"the ayuko has many female friends"
by RoY` March 13, 2004
3 5
ayuko is sexeh
ayuko is a sexeh pimpsta
ayuko is to sexeh for u
by eck0 March 13, 2004
2 6