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Visibly awkward and disjointed
He's brilliant on the radio but hard to take seriously on T.V.: he's such a gooky guy!
by Calgary Constituent March 04, 2011
a word describing anything very korean in nature.
kRn_bOi: dUdE i jUsS hAd Da bEsT kImChI eVa!!1
Regular kid: you are so fucking gooky.
by seans November 13, 2009
A gooky is a person only interested in doing something for themself. Also is slang for a douche
Jason:hey elliot want to play a game with me
Elliot: pft im already playing and doing better than you
Jason: god your suck a gooky
by Houun July 30, 2011
The white part of a citrus fruit that comes out with the peel.
When i peeled my orange today, it had a huge gooky!
by marzaltoff December 02, 2010
A solid mass expelled from the vagina durring menstration. Usually mistaken for a massive blood clot.
Wow, Kelly had a massive gooky, I probably shouldnt have posted that on the internet. : (
by crustypooter24 July 30, 2008

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