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Teh center of teh intarweb.
As I surfed teh intarweb, I realized that it all had been posted on AWOT already. See: repost
by Josh Willis March 14, 2004
202 65
A vicious rumor. Does not exist.
Forget you ever even heard about AWOT.
by IAFF November 28, 2006
98 25
audi world off topic
by Type. K November 07, 2003
125 90
Basic definition is "A Waste of Time"
I went to school yesterday and it was awot.
by k3m1k4l March 13, 2008
17 25
Automotive Wholesalers of Texas
AWOT is the bomb, y0! They totally hooked me up with a hood scoop for my Accord!
by Type Zed December 07, 2006
17 70