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noun used to denote an awkward situation. It is infinitely better than the alternate, yet more commonly used word - awkwardness.
"The awkwardity increased exponentially when Caitlin took her pants off"
by magical lioplurodon December 07, 2007
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noun- 1. the state of being awkward.

2. Characteristics that make one awkward or ambiguous in gender or race.
Yo, so i thought you were a girl when i met you... you know because of your boobs but now I've noticed an awkwardity that makes me uncomfortable. Dude, it's your penis.
by chachahcacharmin April 27, 2010
In simple terms, awkwardity is a way of saying awkwardness that rolls off the tongue easier. In specific terms, Awkwardity is a noun describing an awkward situation or a state of awkwardness common in young adults and/or generalized in early adolescence especially among geeks and nerds trying to impress the opposite sex. However this term can be generalized to any awkward situation.
When He saw his ex, the room became suddenly thick with awkwardity .

Dude my freshman year in high school was full of awkwardity .
by redddog March 13, 2009
Sarah Christine Williams
Sarah exhibits a high level of awkwardity.
by lanos April 29, 2008
A rather synonymous variation on awkwardness, featuring more thematically onomatopoeic values.
Why use awkwardness when the word clearly has no connection with the thematic aspects it conveys?
"At once, I was filled with a wonderful wave of awkwardity."
by Trevor Haldenby February 29, 2004
the amount or level of awkwardness involved in a certain situation
There was much awkwardity when the parents walked in on him without having any clothes on.
by JKatte August 19, 2006

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