when sketch meets prude...

that just equals a whole shit load of awkward-ness.
Me: DUDE where the herb?!
straightedge people: uhhhh what?! you smoke?! thats BAD FOR YOU.
Me: Oh shit... *AWKWARD*
by smokethattumbleweed November 03, 2006
A word overused by middle schoolers and freshman that makes perfectly normal situations uncomfortable (awkward).
friend 1: "your mom!"
friend 2: "my mom died yesterday. =("
friend 1: ... Awkward
friend 2: ...
by Aerodynamite February 18, 2011
A person who just makes normal situations weird, uncomfortable, or just downright....wrong.
"Woah, did she just steal a rock? That was awkward."
"Did that dinosaur just grunt at me? That was awkward."
"I DON'T REMEMBER HER!" oh shit.. thats awkward."
by Pseidonym say what? July 24, 2009
Interjection used in a situation that is slightly uncomfortable, often accompanied by a gesture where the lower arm is thrust out perpendicular to the ground with the hand open and fingers together with thumb on top.

(Had to correct Otis's because it is PERPENDICULAR not parallel!)
(long pause)...awkward...
by Zach Schiffman March 15, 2005
The word white women can use to describe anything.
White girl #1: Hi
White girl #2 :OMG u r so totally awkward
by Mel Flippin Gibson January 13, 2014
when a crossdressing lesbian goes down on a crossdressing gay
lesbian- whoa thats not a vagina..
gay- whoa you have no penis..

by lord kira July 07, 2011
an uncomfortable situation
Awkward = Maggie's life
by lovemyawkwardlife November 03, 2010
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