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stupid looser, a person who basicly is not chill enough to have the right to talk.
just sut-up ya StuLoo
#stuloo #stu lue #stu-lue #stu-loo #stueloo
by jeszett November 19, 2005
an uncomfertable or strainge moment in a scocal situation resulting from the meating of sketch and prude. the balence between the two contrasting partys creates the awkard fealing. in any awkard situation you should be able to identify the sketch and the prude.
when the forigin extange student walkied in on the two girls changing and just stood there, it was such an awkward situation. he was the sketch for being there and not leaving, and they were the prudes because they were uncomfterable about being naked.
#uncomfterable #sketch #prude #sketchey #strained
by jeszett May 29, 2006
girl weighting for her boyfriend to get out of jail. dating before he went in, now shes waiting.
stop dating them dealers, he went in, now your jail bait girl
#jb #jail bate #jail baite #jailbate #jailbait #jail bait
by jeszett November 19, 2005
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