The situation that occurs when too people recognize each other from opposite ends of a long hallway, and immediately pretend they haven't to avoid embarrassment
James: I was walking to the water fountain the other day, when my ex Claire showed up walking towards me from the other direction. I didn't want to say hello, but what could I do?

Mack: Haha, that's an awk
by TOKFREAK October 11, 2010
Copletely awkward.

Short form of awkward.

An awkward situation.
We were like, the only ones there and it was SO awks.

That phonecall was so awks

Awks much?

Awks for you!
by awks4eva January 26, 2014
(v) the process of being extremely awkward
(n) an extremely awkward action performed by someone
Did you see what Maureen just did?
Yeah dude, that chick's so awk...
by 908D_L10 April 25, 2011
A unit of awkwardness. It is not an abbreviation for awkward.
"I watch that movie, and the scene where they get naked had so many awks"
"I walked into the room and there was lots of awks"
by gdfuckingj November 10, 2011
{noun} someone who has awkward tendencies
that girl who stands by the water fountain alone is such an awk.
by what'sittoya. October 27, 2011
short for awkward
did you see that couple? they are super awk
by the poonanis November 23, 2010
All White Kicks
What AWKs are you wearing?
by AWKGigs March 24, 2010

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