The sound that angry geese and excited middle-schoolers make in awkward situations.
Goose 2: "Awk!"

Middle Schooler 1: "OMG he haz a gf!! im soooo embarased!!"
Middle Schooler 2: "AWK LOL ROFLMAO"
by baybaygurlmmhmm December 07, 2011
its an abbreviation of awkward. I first heard it one 102.1 the edge on Barry Taylor's show.
guy one: did you hear? Steff has an STD!?
guy 2: oh shit, and i was gonna fuck her silly too...
guy 3 walks up: Guys Guess what? I FUCKED STEF LAST NITE!
guys 1 and 2: awk....
by Andrea;) October 27, 2004
stands for awkward
OMGAH! that random stranger came over and talked to me... it was awk
by kennydruh December 12, 2009
In Hawaii, this term is used when someone pussies out of a situation
He looks like he can surf but every time a decent wave comes he awks out.
by AlfroC. May 13, 2008
Referring to something that is awkward. Also a word that abby hates.

Abby: "i hate that word!"
by awksers February 14, 2011
The act of being awkward by either
a. having long pointless conversations over pictures on facebook
b. changing clothes indiscriminately in front of the opposite sex
c. seeing the above as normal
d. percieving falling hair pieces as normal
e. Being a member of loading dock productions.
Person A: Hey David, so can you ,like, try not to undo my bra so often? Yeah it's pretty awk. I'll do it myself.

by elenaa3 October 21, 2008
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