The means by which average people can become godly singers instantly. No musical knowledge is required, just loop a beat and sing away!
My sister let out the tarzan jungle call. I autotuned it and it sounded like ke$ha.
by ThatGuyOverThere2 April 25, 2010
To fix a wannabe's voice. Someone who can't sing to save their lives but do it anyways and make it catchy. It is taking over the musical world. Some singers who use it are Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Jason Derulo, Korean groups like T-Ara, too many to count.
Damn! That was some serious usage of autotune!
by brm_11 June 05, 2010
The program that killed hip-hop. The program basically lets artists talk and auto-tune does the rest. Also has let many singers rise up in the industry when they have no talent.
"Y'all niggas singin too much, get back to rap ya T-Painin too much"- Jay-z- Death of Auto-Tune
by DOA=death-of-auto-tune February 17, 2010
Autotune: aw-toh-toon,tyoon
n. the worst thing to happen to music; the best thing to comedy.
v. the act of making a bad singer sound more ridiculous.
Lil Wayne, Rebecca Black, Cher, Black Eye Peas, B.O.B.,Taio Cruz, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Jay Sean, Justin Timberlake, T-Pain, Akon, and virtually every other new Top 40 celebrity use autotune to mask their lack of singing talent
by eaglewatch1945 March 18, 2011
an evil device invented by the music industry to correct the vocal pitch of other wise talentless pop stars.

Me: fuck those fake Auto-Tune bitches...
by gayboyfresh August 07, 2010
Refers to those individuals who insist on singing along with the radio in the automobile. Though they habitually sing off-key,out of tune,and completely butcher the lyrics,they are convinced they sound good.
Why must you auto tune every song that comes on the radio?
by wolfbait51 April 22, 2011
A magical device that makes drunken bastards sound like good singers and good singers sound like drunken bastards.
Rebecca was a great singer, but with autotune she sounds like a walrus giving birth.

Ke$ha was a drunken whore spewing nonsense into a microphone, but with autotune she sounded like a sober whore spewing nonsense into a microphone.
by Brenener June 24, 2011

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