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Autotune is simply a piece of technology made by the dark lord Lucifer to snare the souls of all man kind,since autotune was taken up by a Mr T-Pain people have been dick riding this software and selling their souls to the dark angel at the same time, much to the amusement of every Rock'n'Roll fan. Kanye West devoted an entire album(808 & Heartbreak) to this piece of shit and the gates of hell opened like Paris Hiltons devil snatch and ever since autotune has been a means to sell albums to teenagers begging to fit in to their 'click'. With a billion Chinese people in the world loving this crap im sure we will have to bear with it for years to come.God I only hope that I die before Nickelback start using it.
T-Pain: Yo,Kanye you heard of Autotune.
Kanye West: Yeah....
T-Pain:*autotune*So can you sing like a Robot?*autotune*
Kanye West:*autotune*Yeah, I can sing like a robot, ohwaaa.*autotune*
Record Label CEO: God, its so shit but it sells like hot cakes.I am most definitely going to hell.

Lucifer:They really don't make it difficult do they?.*Evil Laugh*
by Liaserg June 20, 2010
A man who has exceeded the natural laws of fagasity and has attained the rank of 'faggy fag king'.

A faggy fag king is a beacon of intense faghood that can be seen from miles away due to their intense aura of liquid bullshit and the sound of Lady Ga Ga's monotone shit streaming of a speaker attached to a thing that can only be called the fagmobile or as many ancient cultures called it the "The unholy steed of the end". It is said that if one was ever to meet a fag king they should divert their gaze, lest they too be drawn into the orbit of the King and join his faggy entourage, i.e P.Diddy,R.kelly and any other so called star with a legion of unholy lobotomised fag zombies trailing them.In conclusion, a Faggy Fag king is a being of such awesome power that their very existence is a danger to all humans everywhere drawing beings into his destructive entourage like a black hole drawing in the very light of the universe into oblivion.This word can be used as an insult only when not in the presence of a FFK, if an FFK were to know that a human acknowledges their power it would unravel the very universe and change the constants of space an time resulting in an epic cluster-fuck that would lead to the end of the universe as we know it.
Guy 1: Dude!!! Did you watch Bruno?

Guy 2: Nope, im asuming you are going to tell me something about it and spoil the entire cinema experience.
Guy 1:Ok, Ok! Just be warned. Bruno is the Lord of all Faggy Fag kings.
by Liaserg June 13, 2010
Oh so you looked did you?
Well let me explain this seemingly beautiful sensation that is love. Imagine getting hit in the chest my Mike Tyson(Prime Years) then getting kissed by Angelina Jolie all at the same time whilst getting a handy from Michael J Fox. You see, love is a feeling that you only feel whilst you are with the person for a few months then that feeling starts to dry up like a cheap lap dancer in Vagas, leaving you content although slightly disappointed.Let me enlighten you(pubescent girl) love, the real feeling not the one on TV or in the movies, love is boring. Love is putting up with shit, farts and missed dates. If you want to feel the love, the love in movies that has the leading man dying for the one he loves, then you have to break up with your other and see how that feels like. That feeling of loss is the real love that poets have been writing about for eons, that emptiness is love. I strongly suggest you take up masturbation if you want to spare yourself from that pain because god knows that the pain is in knowing that she has moved on and you are alone, in the dark, thinking only of her.Logically without the sentimentality; love is evolutions means of keep humans together for long enough to procreate. Simple rule,works a treat shame that it fades on average after 15 odd years of marriage around the age of 40 when your old and ugly and only a subscription to botex weekly can cure the scurge that is middle aged life.Get the gist, yet pumpkin.
Break up guy:I loved her man, I loved her so much.She was the love of my life.
Dude: Stop being such a pussy! GROW A PAIR AND LAY DOWN THE LAW ON SOME HOs, by which i mean go fuck, alot.
Break up guy: Ok, I will thanks dude you're the man. I will forget Becca, the little whore.
Dude: I know. Now go out a fucktiply. See what I did there multiply and fuck just had sex in my head and they made a new word.
by Liaserg June 30, 2010
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