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to perceive something has happening all on its own, as if by magic; a way to describe something that is both automatic and magical
your such a pig, do you think this place just cleans itself automagically or what?
by bossopolis March 13, 2011
Some thing happens automatically like magic. It is the combination of automatic and magic
The dishes got washed automagically.
by mommasigma January 13, 2011
When something predetermined happens that appears to happen by chance.
This lady in the store was about to make a scene, when automagically the manager and security show up.
by KingCaii December 05, 2010
When doors open mysteriously or objects begin to work on their own.
The doors at Disney's Phillharmagic show opened "automagically" and I was amazed!
by Chooch2 November 10, 2009
Extremely annoying word computer nerds use to describe things software does by itself and with no exception would be far better replaced with the word 'automatically'.
The system will automagically create the next user id number for you.
by vapourmile December 09, 2007
something happening without doing something else to make it happen
sarah: oh my god, she passed the test!
beth: obviously she passed it automagically, she's the teacher's favourite student!
by melziiee July 10, 2008
Correction of my own entry below:

Pointless and pretentious word used to add no meaning at all to normal english sentences pertaining to the kind of automated proceedure computers were designed to do right from the very beginning of their invention. Almost every sentence in which this word appears can be improved upon by removing it.
"Sign in check-box automagically for 2 weeks", from bebo's sign in page.
"Palette Generator: Automagically create a harmonious color palette from a photograph", from Big Huge Labs page.
by vapourmle February 13, 2008