Correction of my own entry below:

Pointless and pretentious word used to add no meaning at all to normal english sentences pertaining to the kind of automated proceedure computers were designed to do right from the very beginning of their invention. Almost every sentence in which this word appears can be improved upon by removing it.
"Sign in check-box automagically for 2 weeks", from bebo's sign in page.
"Palette Generator: Automagically create a harmonious color palette from a photograph", from Big Huge Labs page.
by Jonny Random February 13, 2008
A phrase used by Mr. Venier, a teacher at Glendale High School, because he is too intellectually impared to think up a word for something that astounds the senses.
Mr. Venier : Stick the marshmallow in the microwave, give it two minutes, and automagically, it explodes!
Student: Isn't there some sort of electromagnetic radiation behind that?
Mr. Venier: I don't know. It's just an automagical process!
by Hitler of Grammatical Nazi's February 13, 2005
Eg. soemthing that works automatically, such as a Microsoft (tm) excell macro, or a car motor.

somethign that works automatically, but seams magical (eg. erections)
Dude, i hate you, your macros are automajic today
by Mark February 16, 2005
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