Austin Powers is a movie about a very dorky British spy (Austin Powers) who is somehow a sex symbol. His nemesis is Doctor Evil, a bald guy with a short clone (Mini Me) and a psychologically damaged son (Scott).
In the movies, there is always some hot girl with a strange name. There is Alotta Fagina, Ivonna Humpalot, Felicity Shagwell, and probably more. The main point of all three movies is that Austin was frozen from 1967 to 1997, and the movies often have to do with something that happened in between those years.
Movies are:
International Man of Mystery
The Spy Who Shagged Me
Goldmember (that one has Beyonce in it)

Main Cast:
Austin Powers: Mike Meyers
Doctor Evil: Ernst Blofeld
Scott: Seth Green
Mini Me: Verne Troyer
Austin Powers invented the word "shagadelic"
Austin Powers: That's Dr. Evil's cat!
Vanessa Kensington: How can you tell?
Austin Powers: I never forget a pussy........... cat.

Scott: What? Are you feeding him? Why don't you just kill him?
Dr. Evil:I have an even better idea. I'm going to put him in an easily escapable situation with an overly elaborate and exotic death
Scott: I have a gun in my room, I can go get in right now.
Dr. Evil: Sh!

Austin: Do I make you horny?

Austin: Allow myself to introduce..... myself..

(Austin Powers is drowning a man in the toilet)

Austin Powers: Who does Number Two work for? Who does Number Two work for?
Cowboy: Yeah, that's it! You show that turd who's boss.
by Buffy Fan February 08, 2011
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A pimp/spy/shagger hes slept with over 20 ladies in one movie
Do i make you Horny????
by Anonymous July 10, 2003
The only british spy who can shag more women overnight than James Bond in his entire career.
So shall we shag now or shag later?
by Rolex lover June 05, 2005
one of the most awesome movies on the face of the earth.
Guy 1: austin powers is one of the most awesome movies on the face of the earth.
guy b: yes.
by harris March 15, 2005
An International Man of Mystery
Austin Powers: I put the Grrr in swinger babyyy...yeahhh.
by vivalastoner February 24, 2006
austin powers is summed up to only one word.
austin powers is the biggest pimp of them all
by pimp daddy dollars January 17, 2005
an International Mystery Man
by Anonymous July 27, 2003
Verb - To park into a tight parrell parking spot, or to pull out of a tight parrell parking spot, by driving very short distances back and forth many times, while turning into, or out of, the spot.
Origin - There is a sceen in the movie "Austin Powers" where the main character's veichle is stuck perpendicular to the walls of a narrow hall way, and he has to drive out as described above.
"That small space is the only place to park, you'll have to austin powers your way in"
by annoynimous February 13, 2007

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