3 definitions by vivalastoner

An International Man of Mystery
Austin Powers: I put the Grrr in swinger babyyy...yeahhh.
by vivalastoner February 24, 2006
The greatest Old School rap group ever. Performed at the time of other greats such as Whodini and Grandmaster Flash. Sadly, they're all dead now and all we have now is vanilla ice, nelly, ice cube, etc. crap. etc.
Whatever happened to sex, drugs and rock n roll. Now all we got is AIDS, crack, and techno...

Whatever happened to Grandmaster Flash and Run DMC. Now all we got is Ja Rule, J-Kwon, and Jay-Z.
by vivalastoner February 24, 2006
This is like, a licking of the asshole.
Tom: Gee! I thoroughly enjoyed that, Sue. Would it be alright if you gave me a rim job now?
Sue: Sure thing!
by vivalastoner February 24, 2006

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