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A very small penis.
I wouldn't bother with him Judy, he's packing a Vienna Sausage.
by afsfcop September 09, 2005
A seemingly unattractive male who mysteriously seems to always be able to hook up with attractive women.
Mike may be short, bald and have bad teeth, but he's an Austin Powers in the club.
by afsfcop September 09, 2005
While Engaging in Intercourse the man climbs up onto the Headboard while the Woman sticks her butt in the air. The man shouts "Superfly" and proceeds to jump off the headboard(aka the top rope) and slam dunks right into the womans Vagina. A-La Jimmy "Superfly" Snooka.
I Superflyed my girlfriend once and she couldn't walk for a month!
by afsfcop September 09, 2005
Synonym for booty
Mike my be ugly, but he gets his hands on more fender than a body shop!
by afsfcop September 09, 2005
A person who favors sexual intimacy with black people
i.e. A person who only "comes when it's dark"
Jeff will only date black women because he's a Vampire.
by afsfcop September 09, 2005

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