somewhere u dont wanna get fucked in.
i f*cked ur mom in the asswhole
by Mr. Dude October 24, 2004
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noun - Description of a person that reminds you of a whole ass.
Why did you hack my computer?! You asswhole!
by Jmechy February 24, 2003
The person who wrote the definition below me.
When people go on strictly to post things such as "ass whole" with definitions based on insulting men, you can probably assume they're a butthurt bitch who got cheated on. Lol, sucks for that cunt.
by Daft Randoms October 15, 2010
Someone who is fully, cannot be more assy, or is an ass to the fullest extent. They are wholly an ass.
Me: Man, Zach has been such an asswhole lately.

Natalie: Yeah seriously. I love you.
by Michael J. Hawk November 14, 2010
someone who spreads ketchup on someones window, asks to fight when there not in person cuz there to scared to actually do it, someone who thinks there all that and more, but nothing more that a piece of gum on the sidewalk.
Ben Jones is an ass-whole
by Person12345689 March 18, 2010
an idiot male, who is stupid and cheats on women, and says derogatory things to her:
Ass whole: hey hot stuff
Ass whole: hey sexy nice legs wana go back to my place and spread em?
innocent woman: but u r wearing a wedding ring!
Ass whole: Fuck her, speaking of my wife wana have a three way
ass whole: Hey babe wana strip for me and sext me even though we aren't going out, and i have a girlfriend
by Julangel April 01, 2010

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