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Noun - A person that is and has been an asswhole his/her whole life. A person who has relished a life long symptomatic habitual passion in being an asswhole and problem child even from birth their entire life with no end in site.
I just don’t understand why Julio can’t just be normal for about 2 seconds. All we wanted was a nice picture together, but he chose to make a nasty face during them taking the snapshot, he’s gotta have the asswhole-itis I swear! =p
by é2daizz0 November 10, 2009
Noun – A person that is on facebook way too much (facebook-ing), so much so that they miss their Train or Bus stop or their Street while driving due to checking their facebook page.
Belinda missed her Train Stop cause she was facebookiando.

If Danny Keeps facebookiando he will get fired from his job!
by é2daizz0 November 17, 2009
The spread and influence of Herb, Weed, Pot culture, esp. that of Marijuana, across the world.
The idoling of Marijuana habit in Chi-Town
eli schooling nando about the Herb movement =D
Dude get with the Herbification man!
by é2daizz0 July 31, 2009

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