Top Definition
The act of anal masturbation using either a finger or another tool.
Alyssa was assturbating during English class today.
by UDadder194 November 25, 2009
Masturbating by fingering your anus.
Jack: Dude, I so got laid last night!

Jim: What happened?

Jack: Well, I was at a party, and I walked into a room and I caught Lisa assturbating. So I asked her if I could join and we totally got it on!
by Vinchenzonaughti March 03, 2008
Its where the male figure fingers his butt hole in an erotic manner until spooky white juice erects from his peepee hole.
Leland was exquisitely assturbating while watching brittney spears's new music video!
by b to the r a d March 06, 2009

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