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A social situation that entails the diversion of one's attention from a current matter of business to another's behind, usually causing an embarrassing situation and/or car accident.
"Remember that girl from the store who was causing a total asstraction? She was pretty."
by Jon Mathews November 19, 2007
the presence of someone, usually female, with an incredibly nice ass which renders one unable to concentrate on work, school or any other task. Though usually affecting men, it has been known to happen to women as well.
Bill: I just marked all those 32" televisions the wrong price. The boss almost fired me.
Jim: What happened?
Bill: I was paying too much attention to the booty on that new girl in the camera department.
Jim: Oh, I could stare at that all day.
Bill: I know, but it's such an asstraction.
by theinstigator December 13, 2013
the act of pulling ones head out of their ass.
Monty has been such a jerk lately. He really needs an ass'traction.
by Mistress Kimberly February 12, 2008
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