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The royal British encyclopediae of hip new young-people words.
Fiona: I heard nube is a word now it is!

Edna: No, honest?

Fiona: Oh but i read it in the erbin ditchinery(tm) i did so it must be true!
by inyourface-interface April 08, 2009
name. Nordic musician from Norway or some shithole like that.
Specializes in space sounds and rocketry.
paco: did you see Ronnel Raygunn last nite on the toob esse?

manolito: El presidente?

paco: no. fuck it anyway you slow homes.!
by inyourface-interface April 08, 2009
The president of that developing country cross the sea.
gunther: who?
Oda: Berak obamer?
Winslow: Buhrak Obamer. the king of that other country...
winslow: Buhrak obamer i think it was,
by inyourface-interface April 08, 2009
He who bears the lowest of ranks.
Why are you such a nubelord?
If you were a bigger nubelord, you would be everything and nothing at the sametime.
by inyourface-interface April 06, 2009
adj. like abstract, only not.
I think maybe these paintings are supposed to be like, abstract art-like or something.

No it's asstract, see? it was made by an asstist.
maybe even an assmaster!

oh. it look very asstractive.
by inyourface-interface April 08, 2009
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